TUM Case Club

The TUM Case Club is a student-run association at the Technical University of Munich. Our mission is to build a network of like-minded people that enjoy regular exchange and participation at student case study competitions. Therefore, we regularly host educational events with professionals to prepare and exchange knowledge.

TCC goes VC


After theoretical learning how to ace a case at our first event, it is now time for you to showcase your skills! We invite you to join our exciting Venture Capital case study event together with Burda Principal Invesments

Ace the Case - 22.06.2023

Kickoff with representatives from BCG and KPMG

HBG - HEC Business Game

Placed 1st at the online case of ABinBev and 3rd at the Bain&Company case.

Hack for the Future - Hackathon

Won the Bayreuth Hackathon by designing and prototyping a ML model to predict the degree of efficiency of PV plants

About us

Curious to meet the people behind the TUM Case Club? Join us at one of our events or directly contact us via the provided contact form.

Our Philosophy

 Our philosophy is centered on diversity and inclusivity to generate innovative solutions by leveraging varied backgrounds and perspectives. We organize events and workshops for practical experience and skill development. Our goal is to create a community where everyone feels welcome, supported and can learn and grow together to become better problem-solvers and most important have lots of fun!
Feel free to contact us on any matter!